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From our independent perspective we specialise in helping companies modernise and improve their IT,  cutting through industry jargon to facilitate effective engagement with technical suppliers. We develop workable, realistic and pragmatic IT strategies. Ones that will enhance, secure and improve the performance of your business.

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Engage with us as your Trusted Advisor to review your system challenges and propose improvements. We remove the hype to find solutions that add real value to your business.  We can help with supplier disputes, contractual negotiations, technical architecture and much more. MarlynScott provides unbiased, technically astute and professional guidance for companies of all sizes.

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Instead of replacing old servers with new ones, it pays to investigate your options for cloud hosting.

Equally, when it comes to buying software it may be better to buy software as a service (SaaS).

We can advise on an appropriate course for your business. Some of the costs and benefits of either route may not be immediately apparent. For unbiased professional support, talk to us.

Our clients come back to us again and again. We provide support on all matters IT. We become like a virtual IT Director, there to advise and assure but without the overhead of a full time employee.

Fractional Directors is another term, we can engage with fixed days, covering IT aspects you may not be aware of, but giving you the assurance that your IT is managed at a senior level. Your company is more secure from threats and your IT costs are under control.

If you’re unsure of what you have been told, don’t understand completely what you are buying, you should involve us. We have attended many a sales presentation where the every buzz word in the book has been thrown in to the conversation. Sometimes it’s more important to understand what you are not buying rather than what you are.

It can be a nasty surprise, not to mention a very bad start to a business relationship if you find yourself signed up to something that doesn’t fit your needs.

Our advisors can take the mystery out of purchases, help to clarify requirements and ensure the supplier is meeting them, with all the correct contractual terms of service you rightfully expect.

Take a closer look under the covers. Make sure your technology is meeting your needs, is robust, secure and performing in the best possible way. We undertake IT reviews that provide assurance, future proofing and process improvement for companies of all sizes.

Office 365 can add a whole new level of mobility for your workforce. No longer needing to log in the office to work on a document, documents are accessible from any device. Emails are held centrally and secure, and you can communicate with your colleagues with video conferencing.

Cloud storage allows you to share documents internally and externally with clients without having to attach them to emails.

Do away with that in house Exchange server and all the maintenance it requires and let the Microsoft Cloud services handle it for you. Run Microsoft Office 2016 at work and at home at no extra cost.

MarlynScott has managed several implementations of Office365, we know that good training is key to maximising your investment and increasing productivity. There’s so much more to it than just new versions of Word and Excel, redefine your ways of working and collaborating together.

Talk to us today to find out how we can help make Office365 a really positive experience for your organisation.

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