IT Reviews


MarlynScott is proud to launch its IT25 Information Technology review product. The team at MarlynScott have a long history of performing IT reviews and planning future strategies for various UK based companies.

This product brings together each of our consultants learning and experience from various industries into a single format, following a proven methodology. This single methodology provides a scalable and robust system of reviewing IT performance covering 25 separate topic areas including; strategy alignment, change management, disaster recovery and governance to name just a few.


The owner of this document will be able to see in clear jargon free language, whether their IT provision is up to the task and fit for the future. The report also highlights opportunities for new or improved service provision, current industry trends, benchmarking against similar sized companies. In fact all you need to know to be confident about the present and future capability of your IT services. Prices vary by assignment supported by a money back satisfaction guarantee. Call us today to discuss your copy of IT25.